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Beef Bones for Broth

Beef Bones for Broth

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Receive 2-3 lbs of our 100% grass fed beef bones monthly to be sure you always have homemade bone broth on hand!

Homemade bone broth is so rich and nutritious, filled with collagen and flavor. Throw these bones in a croc pot overnight with some seasoning and fill 2/3 of the way with water. When you wake, strain and jar them. Once they are cooled keep them in the fridge to use the same week or freeze them and pull them out as you need them!

I like to freeze broth in pint jars and then I can pull them out, remove the lids and microwave it for a few minutes- then the broth is ready for whatever you want to use it for! I use bone broth for cooking grains in, sipping, and making soups!

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